April 23, 2017

This morning I was kinda over walking so I took the train to church.

Which was interesting. It was a big church and it had a little too much “feel good” stuff going on. The message seemed watered down and the strobe lights and fog machine didn’t really help my impression of the place, lol. It might be a great church though. 🙂

From there I headed back to the hostel and saw a French market, so I stopped and bought some bagels that were on sale. It’s getting a little more difficult to know just how much food to buy since I am going home soon.

I didn’t do much else today and I was pretty tired from so much walking yesterday. Thankfully everyone in the room was pretty much asleep by about 10.

Oh, and this is a common sight in a hostel dorm. People on bottom bunks put up a blanket or towel to get some privacy. Which is a great idea, but only works if you’re on the bottom bunk unfortunately.

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