April 26, 2017

Today is my last full day in New Zealand! That’s just so weird to me! I am just finishing up some last minute things and trying to take it easy so I don’t stress myself out and rush or forget anything important.

I hung out at the hostel until around noon and then I headed out to get lunch at Oh Calcutta, an Indian restaurant that had been recommended to me and had great reviews online. I ordered a spinach chicken curry and some naan for to go (because I was dressed like a backpacker and the restaurant looked pretty nice, lol.) While I waited for my food I went next door to a bank and got a bunch of coins to take back for people at home. When my food was ready I started to eat some of it nearby at a park.

It doesn’t look delicious but it definitely was! 🙂 It was kinda difficult to eat without making a mess, so I decided to go back to the hostel to eat it (and because I knew I would have leftovers to leave there anyway.) Once I finished lunch I headed out again to go to the grocery store to pick up a few last minute things. On the way I finally got a picture of this weird tree.

At the grocery store I picked up a few more candies for my family to try and I bought my last caramel and white chocolate milk. I’m definitely going to miss those but my waistline will be glad that I don’t have access to them, lol.

On my walk back I saw this girl’s pants…and I was so confused. lol. Why are there holes in her pants on the back of her legs?!

Once I got back to the hostel I finished getting everything packed up and double checking to make sure that I had my carry on liquids packed correctly, etc. I am doing my very best not to be rushed or stressed tomorrow!

This is on the wall in the hostel, telling the history of the place, which is pretty cool. 🙂

and this is the shower in the hostel. I have only ever seen these in New Zealand, I think I mentioned it before, but they are meant to keep the steam in the showers. Which is smart but I think I would like them more if I felt like it was cleaner, lol.

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